How to Keep Netflix Video Playable After Canceling the Subscription?

"Can I download Netflix video and watch it offline after my subscription ends?"

No, if you cancel the Netflix subscription, your account will remain on your plan until the end of the payment period. After the paid period ends, your account will no longer have access to the streaming content. It means that you are saying goodbye to a huge number of Netflix original TV shows like Black Mirror, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, movies, and documents. And you will lose the content you added before, and are not able to play the downloads on any associated devices.

keep netflix videos forever

There are many reasons why you want to cancel your Netflix subscription, whether you are going to save your money every month, or are switching to another streaming video service like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus.

Here is how you can cancel your Netflix subscription.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription?

Step 1: Head to the Netflix app or open it up in your web browser.

Step 2: Click on your account icon at the top right corner of the page and select Account.

cancel netflix subscription

Step 3: Under the Membership & Billing section, you can click on Cancel Membership, then you will be taken to a new page, where you can cancel your membership or downgrade your current plan.

cancel netflix subscription

Step 4: Click on the Finish Cancellation button to stop your subscription.

Once you have canceled your Netflix subscription, you will still have the access to your Netflix account until the end of the current billing period. If you have a Netflix gift card or promotional balance left on your account when you cancel, you will still be able to stream until the balance runs out.

How to keep Netflix video forever?

It is easy to cancel the subscription on your computer or mobile app. Now, let’s go back to what we talked about at the start of this article: how to save your Netflix downloads and keep them playable on your computer?

The only feasible way forward, is by using the third-party software, the Netflix Video Downloader, to download your favorite Netflix TV shows or movies to digital MP4 and MKV formats on your computer, then you can save the downloaded videos on your local drive, or transfer them to your USB Drive, SD card for offline viewing on other more portable device, without needing to worry your account is about to expire.

netflix video downloader
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Here is how to download Netflix video to MP4 on the computer and keep them forever on your local drive.

STEP 1 Install Netflix Video Downloader

Download and install Netflix Video Downloader on your computer. You need to log into your Netflix account by clicking the "Sign in" button so as to access the Netflix library.

main interface

STEP 2 Select the Download Settings

Click on the "Setting" icon at the top right corner of the main interface. You can set the video format to MP4 or MKV, and video quality to High, Medium or Low. And you can also change the output folder to save the downloaded Netflix videos.


STEP 3 Find Preferred Videos

Look through the bulit-in browser to locate the desired video or key in the name of the video in the search bar to find.

search videos

STEP 4 Choose Advanced Download Settings

Tap the video you want to download, at this time the "Download" icon at the bottom of the interface turns blue, that means you can start downloading.

If you want to make more specific settings of videos, go to the "Advanced Download" window. For Netflix TV shows, click the "Download" icon download button first and then click the "Advanced Download" button at the bottom left of the pop-up window. When downloading Netflix movies, you can click the "Download" icon to open the "Advanced Download" window to select the download quality, audio tracks, and subtitles.

advanced settings

STEP 5 Start Downloading Netflix TV Shows and Movies

Click on the "Download" button, and the program will start downloading the Netflix videos to the output folder you have chosen. After the downloading process is complete, you can find the downloads in the "Library".


If you are an individual who wants to save the Netflix videos on your computer forever and enjoy the Netflix videos offline at home, the Netflix Video Downloader is perfect and specific for your needs. You can download the trial version for a sample test!

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