Amazon Video Downloader for Mac

Amazon Video Downloader (Mac)

Download HD content from Amazon Prime Video as MP4 or MKV files for streaming offline anywhere

  • Download HD movies, shows, and more from Amazon Prime Video
  • Store unlimited Prime Video titles on Mac
  • Download Amazon video in MP4/MKV format
  • Preserve multi-language audios and subtitles
  • Smart searching function and fast download speed
  • Support downloading 5.1 surround audio track
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*Note:This program is for personal use only.

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Enjoy Your Favorite Entertainment with SameMovie

Works for all videos: purchased or rented.

Download high quality video on mac

Download HD Video on Mac With Ease

If you want to watch Amazon content offline on Mac, SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader for Mac will be your preferred video downloader to get high-quality movies and TV shows from the web player on Mac. With SameMovie, you can:

  • Download any purchased or rented Amazon videos or Prime Video titles.
  • Preserve up to 1080P videos directly to your Mac.
  • Watch Amazon videos without an internet connection.

The quality of the video depends on your preference, and there are also options available for lower resolution, lower bitrate, and reduced file size to accommodate storage requirements on various devices.

Export Amazon Videos in MP4/MKV Format

The original videos from Prime Video are limited to be accessed within the app, which hinders you from moving the downloaded videos to Mac from the other devices for playback. SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader is capable of downloading Amazon titles in MP4 or MKV format. After downloading:

  • Flexible Playback: Whether you prefer watching videos on your Mac, smartphone, tablet, or even smart TVs, you can easily enjoy your favorite Amazon titles without restrictions.
  • Sharing Across Devices: You can transfer the videos to other devices like external hard drives, USBs, or cloud storage, enabling seamless playback on different devices without the need for an Amazon Prime Video app.
  • Archiving and Backup: You can create a personal video library by archiving and backing up your favorite titles.
Download video in MP4 or MKV format
Keep audio tracks and subtitles

Keep Multi-language Audio Tracks and Subtitles

SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader for Mac comes with an advanced subtitles and audio tracks process engine that should be enough for most users’ needs to save multilingual subtitles and audio tracks. You can choose your desired audio or subtitle language in the General Settings window or go to the Advanced Download window to select the specific tracks. Not only multilingual subtitles and audio tracks, SameMovie also provides:

  • Nearly 30 interface languages for users in different countries.
  • Dolby 5.1 surround sound for an immersive audiovisual experience.
  • The option to keep audio description to help all viewers better comprehend and follow the content of a video.

Three Subtitles Types & SRT Format Option

If you want to ensure the video subtitles are accessible on all media players, then this Mac Amazon Video Downloader is your must-try. It offers three types of encoding methods to save the subtitles, including Internal Subtitles, External Subtitles, and Hardcode Subtitles. You can change the subtitle mode in the Settings window or the Advanced Download window.

  • Internal Subtitles: Synchronize the picture and subtitles & reduce user operations and settings.
  • External Subtitles: Save subtitles as an SRT/VTT file to change the font, color, and size of the subtitles.
  • Hardcode Subtitles: Embedded into the video permanently, always visible & cannot be turned off or changed.
Fast download speed
Flexible Search Function

Quickly Search for Your Target Video

With its efficient information management system and user-friendly interface, SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader for Mac allows you to quickly search for your desired Amazon movies and TV shows to download.

All you need to do is enter the video's name or relevant keywords, and the intelligent application will promptly identify and display the related videos. All things considered, SameMovie offers a straightforward solution for searching Amazon videos, making it a user-friendly solution suitable for all experience levels.

Download A Whole Season in Bulk

SameMovie supports batch downloading videos at high speed, allowing you to add and download a whole season in bulk. This feature significantly saves time and effort compared to adding episodes one by one. During the download process, it also allows you to search and add other videos.

Plus, by utilizing advanced technology and optimization techniques, SameMovie maximizes the download speed, ensuring a fast and efficient downloading process. The tool is compatible with computers running macOS 10.15 or later, simply install it on your devices, you can get your favorite content downloaded soon.

Fast download speed

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Meet More Outstanding Features

Built-in Browser

Without downloading the Prime Video app, you can easily find the video you want to download through the built-in browser.

Two Video Codec Options

SameMovie provides two video codec choices: H.264 and H.265, delivering superior quality with small file size.

Customizable Output Settings

SameMovie offers options for customizing the format, quality, subtitles, and audio tracks of the downloaded video.

Preserve Video Metadata

Preserve important metadata of the videos including title name, duration, bitrate, resolution, and more for your easy management.

Ad-Free User Interface

We promise that there will be no ads while using the software, and no bundled software to install before using the service.

Free Update and Customer Service

To enhance user satisfaction and provide better service, we offer free customer support and upgrades.

How It Works

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