Version History of HBOMax Video Downloader (Win)

Updated: April 7, 2023
V 1.3.0

April 7, 2023

1. Optimize the stability of downloads.

2. Fix the problem that there is no result when searching for keywords with spaces.

V 1.2.2

February 3, 2023

1. Optimize the user experience.

V 1.2.1

January 9, 2023

1. Improve the download speed and success rate when saving as hard subtitles.

2. Optimize the problem that the progress stays at 100% for a long time and the remaining time is 0.

V 1.2.0

November 24, 2022

1.Improve downloading speed and success rate.

2. Add the notification of successes and failures after downloading.

3. Optimize the interface.

V 1.1.0

October 08, 2022

1. Optimize the issue of Failed 1614.

2. Support downloading audio tracks and subtitles separately.

3. Support Polish.

4. Fix some other bugs.

V 1.0.9

June 13, 2022

1. Optimize the solution to Failed 6200, 1609, 1606.

2. Support saving subtitles in SRT format in External subtitles mode.

3. Fix some bugs.

4. Optimize the program interface.

V 1.0.8

May 9, 2022

1. Provide Proxy Settings.

2. Optimize the program interface.

3. Optimize the installation process of the Hotfix.

V 1.0.7

April 2, 2022

1. Fix the issue of the login window repeatedly popping up in non-English regions.

2. Fix the issue of failing to load the video details due to the HBO Max website revision.

3. Support preserving more metadata information of output videos.

4. Optimize the program display.

5. Fix Failed 6200 and other bugs.

V 1.0.6

February 25, 2022

1. Optimize the solution to Failed 1606.

2. Add guidance to solve the search error "No results found".

3. Fix the search error "No results found" after switching HBO Max user profile.

4. Fix the abnormal error "The output folder name contains special characters".

5. Optimize the program display.

V 1.0.5

January 25, 2022

1. Fix Failed -5.

2. Optimize the solution to Failed 1500(-12).

3. Fix some other bugs.

4. Optimize the program display.

V 1.0.4

January 07, 2022

1. Support automatically downloading low-definition movies on computers that do not support HDCP 1.0+.

2. Support downloading videos when the display language of website is Spain (Latin America) and Portugal (Brazil).

3. Fixed the issue that subtitle files may duplicate when saved as separate subtitle files.

4. Fix the issue that the program failed to crawl some video links from clipboard.

5. Fix Failed -6.

6. Optimize the possible audio and video out of sync problem after pause and resume.

7. Add support for searching videos by links without "https" or "www".

8. Fix the problem that the process of the program doesn't end completely on Task Manager after exit.

9. Optimize the program display and the download process.

V 1.0.3

December 16, 2021

1. Fix the problem of inconsistent video resolution when downloading TV shows.

2. Support adding all seasons of a TV show with one click.

3. Optimize the interface display.

4. Optimize the download speed of subtitles.

5. Some other minor updates.

V 1.0.2

December 10, 2021

1. Fix Failed -25.

V 1.0.1

November 25, 2021

1. Fix Failed -10 in some cases.

2. Optimize the program freeze problem.

3. Optimize the interface display of the user guide.

4. Change the Frame Rate Mode to Constant Frame Rate.

5. Fix Failed 8004 when saving video with no subtitles.

V 1.0.0

November 10, 2021

1. New release.

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