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When people need to download videos from various streaming platforms, they often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. It's quite common to feel this way. Finding a reliable and powerful downloader among so many tools can be a real challenge. That's where the SameMovie VideoOne Downloader comes in. This downloader aims to make it easy for anyone to save their favorite shows, movies, and TV series from different popular streaming services through just one program.

People might ask: Is it safe? Is it worth trying? To help you better know about this tool, in this review, we'll take a more in-depth look at SameMovie VideoOne and see how it performs in terms of key features, price, overall performance, and more.

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1. What is SameMovie VideoOne?

SameMovie VideoOne Downloader is a professional tool which is released by SameMovie Inc. in 2024, helping users to download TV series, movies and other content from 15 popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+. With advanced encoding technology, SameMovie saves videos to your computer in pure formats (MP4 or MKV).

One feature of SameMovie VideoOne is its customizable download options. To help users get more personalized videos, SameMovie offers various advanced customization features, such as preservation of subtitles and audio tracks in multiple languages, the output folder, etc.

Videos downloaded through SameMovie VideoOne will not be subject to the download restrictions of various streaming platforms. In other words, this allows users to freely download their favorite content and watch them offline anytime they want, without worrying about losing access.

2. Pricing and Plans of SameMovie VideoOne

SameMovie VideoOne offers both free and paid versions to suit different user needs. The free trial version allows you to experience all the features of the paid version, but it only lets you download the first five minutes of each video.

To unlock the full downloading capabilities and download entire videos, you need to subscribe to one of its plans. SameMovie VideoOne offers an annual subscription for $99.9 and a lifetime plan for $199.9, giving you flexibility based on your usage preferences.

It’s worth mentioning that downloading videos from YouTube is completely free. You can enjoy downloading YouTube content in high quality (1080P, 2K, 4K, and 8K) without any cost or subscription. It’s really an excellent option for those who frequently save videos from this popular platform.

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3. Is It Worth Trying SameMovie VideoOne? (Pros and Cons)


🏆 Support 15 Streaming Websites

SameMovie VideoOne, as an all-in-one downloader, allows you to download streaming videos from over 15 websites, including Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount+, Discovery+, YouTube, U-Next, Apple TV+, Peacock, DMM, Hotstar, NHK+, and Crunchyroll in one stop. What’s more, SameMovie is continuously working to add support for more streaming sites, aiming to provide you with greater flexibility and more options for downloading your favorite content.

🏆 Download Full HD Videos in MP4/MKV Format

You can use SameMovie VideoOne to download videos in high quality, up to 1080P, and even up to 8K for YouTube. This ensures you can get the best viewing experience, with sharp and clear visuals. Whether you're saving a movie, TV show, or any other content, you can enjoy it in the highest possible quality on your device.

On the other hand, SameMovie VideoOne specializes in downloading videos in MP4 and MKV formats, ensuring high compatibility and quality. In other words, you can freely transfer the videos to any compatible player for offline viewing, such as Nintendo Switch, smart TV, PS4, Roku, Xbox, and more. Plus, videos downloaded with SameMovie will stay on your computer forever with no expiration limits.

🏆 Preserve Multilingual Audio Tracks and Dolby 5.1 Sound

To help users get more personalized videos, SameMovie VideoOne supports downloading audio tracks in nearly 30 languages at once, which is a great benefit for language learners. However, please note that the languages available for download depend on the original video's languages, your region, and other factors. Dolby 5.1 surrounding sound, which provides rich and immersive sound, is also available according to your needs.

save all audio track

🏆 Output Subtitles in Three Modes

There are three available types of subtitles provided by SameMovie: Internal subtitles, External subtitles, and Hardcode subtitles. This variety allows you to choose the most suitable subtitle type for your needs, whether it's for language learning, accessibility, or personal preference.

  • Internal subtitles are embedded within the video file and can be toggled on or off during playback.
  • External subtitles are separate files that can be loaded and displayed by the media player alongside the video.
  • Hardcode subtitles are permanently burned into the video and cannot be turned off or removed.

If you want to edit the subtitles yourself, it's recommended to save them as separate files. SameMovie VideoOne allows you to download subtitles in SRT or VVT formats, making it easy to edit and customize them.

🏆 Optional Video Codecs

SameMovie VideoOne supports two video codecs: H.264 and H.265. For higher quality video and smaller file sizes, simply choose H.265 as your video codec, but it may require more resources for processing. You can choose between these two codecs based on your specific needs and the capabilities of their playback devices.

🏆 Batch Download with 5X Speed

For TV series that have many episodes or seasons, SameMovie features a batch-download mode, allowing you to add all episodes to the download queue with one click. Moreover, with speeds up to 5 times faster, you can swiftly acquire your desired videos. If your device permits, you can check the box of “Enable hardware acceleration when available” in the Advanced tab of the Settings window, which will save time and ensure an efficient downloading experience.


❌ Only Available for Windows and Mac

One downside of SameMovie is its limited compatibility, as it is only available for Windows (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11) and Mac (macOS 10.15 - 14) computers. This means that users with other operating systems, such as Linux or mobile devices, may not be able to use the software.

❌ Restart Required for Site Change

When changing sites, SameMovie VideoOne requires a restart. This additional step can interrupt the downloading process and may cause inconvenience for users who regularly download videos from multiple streaming platforms. It would be better if users could switch platforms seamlessly.

4. How to Use SameMovie VideoOne?

The built-in browser in SameMovie VideoOne allows you to easily search, navigate, and download videos directly within the software, streamlining the entire process for a more convenient experience. Now follow us to know how to use SameMovie VideoOne to download any streaming video.

STEP 1 Select A Website

First you need to select a streaming service from all the supported sites, then wait for SameMovie to restart. Below we take Netflix as example. To change the download site later, simply click on the four squares icon in the upper right corner.

select website

STEP 2 Sign in to Your Account

Follow the prompt to click “Sign In”. The login page will appear, then sign in to your account to access the library.


STEP 3 Customize Basic Settings

Before downloading, click on the Gear icon next to the Menu icon to access the Settings window. Here you can choose the video format, the output folder, the video codec, and other basic settings.


STEP 4 Search for Video

In the built-in browser, use the search bar to locate the target video quickly. All the related videos will be displayed. It's also a good idea to find the videos you're interested in on the Home page.

add video

STEP 5 Customize Advanced Download Settings

Select the thumbnail of the video and enter the detail page. At the same time, you can find the Download icon becomes available. By clicking the blue Download icon download button, you can customize more specific settings for the video.

You can choose a specific episode or all seasons/episodes to download at once in the pop-up window. Then click on the Advanced Download key to access the Advanced Download window, simply adjust the advanced settings including the video quality with different bitrate and the audio and subtitle language.

advanced download

STEP 6 Download the Video

Finally click the Download key and the video will be stored in the path you selected at a lightning speed. To check all the downloaded videos, simply enter the Library at the top. The files will be categorized and sorted by date of download.


5. FAQs of SameMovie VideoOne

Q1. Is SameMovie VideoOne Safe and Legal?

Yes, SameMovie VideoOne is absolutely safe and legal. However, it's important to adhere to copyright rules and regulations. Distributing downloaded content or using it for commercial purposes is not permitted.

Q2. Will the SameMovie VideoOne Downloads Expire if My Subscription Expires?

No, your downloaded videos will not expire. Even if your streaming service or SameMovie subscription ends, you can continue to enjoy your favorite videos at any time. SameMovie VideoOne downloads movies and series in MP4 or MKV format, allowing you to save them forever on your device for offline viewing.

Q3. Is There A Limit to the Number of Videos I Can Download?

No, there is no limit to the number of streaming videos you can download, and there are no additional charges. However, it's recommended not to download an excessive number of videos in a single day, as this could trigger abnormal high-traffic detection and temporarily freeze your account. It's always best to download responsibly to avoid any potential issues with your account.

Q4. Do I Need to Install Any Plugins Or Extensions to Use SameMovie VideoOne?

No, you don't need to install any plugins or extensions to use SameMovie VideoOne. It's designed to be straightforward and free from any extra stuff. You can easily download your videos without any hassles, and there are no annoying ads to deal with.

6. Conclusion

In summary, SameMovie VideoOne Downloader is definitely worth trying for everyone who likes streaming content to save videos forever from various popular platforms. Both its excellent performance and versatile features make it a top choice for video downloading needs. So, what are you still waiting for? Just download SameMovie VideoOne and now say goodbye to the high costs and hassle of using multiple downloaders for different platforms!

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