[10 Ways] Fix Disney Plus Not Working on PC, Phone or TV

There's nothing more comfortable than sitting down and enjoying a movie in your free time. But frustratingly, there are times when you may experience Disney Plus not running on PC, mobile phone or TV and get some error codes like Error Code 83. Don't worry about that. This article provides detailed steps to help you fix Disney Plus issues and errors. Keep reading to learn how to resolve the error when you're experiencing with streaming Disney+.

fix disney plus not working

Part 1. General Methods to Fix Disney Plus Not Working

Please refer to the following tips for troubleshooting Disney Plus on PC, Android Phone or more if you are experiencing difficulties. We have outlined below any measure you can take.

1 Check Your Internet Speed

Sometimes you find that Disney Plus content cannot be loaded, so check whether your network connection is working. Disney Plus may not work as intended due to internet instability or slow internet speeds. In order to ensure that you have a good viewing experience, it is recommended that the internet speed be at least 5.0 Mbps when watching HD content, and at least 25.0 Mbps if you want to watch 4K Ultra HD content.

You can check your internet speed with the help of some tools, such as the speed test tool that comes with your device or some speed test websites like speedof.me. Internet speed can be improved by trying to turn off other activities that are hogging internet speed, such as the running games, the downloading files or programs that are updating, or by restarting your router.

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2 Disconnect and Restart Your Internet Device

If you are having problems with your internet connection, turn off your Wi-Fi router and cable modem first to allow the hardware to cool down. Shut down for at least 2 minutes, then reboot your network devices or reposition your router antenna to check again if the problem persists.

3 Check Disney Plus Server Status

It is possible that the issue with your Disney+ not working is due to a service outage. This may be due to server traffic overload, server failure, or server maintenance. Monitoring tools like DownDetector, Isitdownrightnow, etc. It can get reports from other users and let you know if Disney Plus is currently down. If Disney+ does have a glitch, you'll just have to wait for the team to fix it.


4 Close and Reopen the App/Browser

On your Android device, you can close the app through the force close function. Launch the "Settings" app and find the Disney Plus app. Select "Force stop" and choose "OK". On your iPhone or iPad, swipe your finger up at the bottom of the screen to see the programs running in the background, find Disney Plus and swipe up to close it. It is generally recommended to close all running programs, wait a while, and then reopen the Disney Plus program. If you're watching it on a computer with a browser, close the browser and then open it again.

5 Restart Your Streaming Device

Try restarting your device if you are experiencing problems such as the program freezing or crashing, a black screen, and so on. If you are using a streaming device such as a TV, please unplug the device, wait two minutes, and then reinsert it. If using a tablet or smartphone, turn off the device and restart it.

6 Clear the Cache

Periodically clearing the cache can improve the performance of your application/web browser, which will delete your cookies and data. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, this method is not for you. Since iOS doesn't provide a way to clear the app cache, you can only clear the app cache by uninstalling and reinstalling Disney Plus.

Follow the below steps to clear the cache on your Android device or web browser. The exact steps may vary, mainly depending on the device version/browser you are using.

For Android: Open the "Settings" app > Choose "Apps" > Find the Disney Plus app > Click on "Storage & cache" > Choose "Clear cache" and tap on "OK".

For browser: Open the "Settings" page of your browser first. Generally, the clear cookies option is found under the "Privacy and Security" tab, or just the tab named "Cookies XXX". Type "disneyplus" into the search bar, then select "Remove All Shown", and save your changes.

7 Update the Disney+ App

Running a slightly older version of the app is generally not a problem. However, there are times when program upgrades may fix some of the bigger problems, so updating your Disney+ app frequently will keep you away from possible errors. If a newer version of Disney+ is available, please update your Disney+ app immediately. (It is recommended to turn on your device's automatic app updates.)

For Android users, open the Google Play Store > tap on your profile > choose "Manage apps & device" > find Disney Plus and press "Update" if available. For iOS users, head to the App Store > search for Disney Plus > check if an update is required. For TV users, go to the store to see if the Disney Plus app needs an update.

8 Uninstall and Reinstall the Disney+ App

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Disney+ app may be a useful step in resolving many streaming issues. Uninstall Disney Plus from your streaming device, then re-download the app from the Store and log into your Disney Plus account. The Disney+ Help Center provides steps on how to uninstall and reinstall the Disney Plus app on your mobile device, TV, computer, and more.

9 Check for Updates to Your Streaming Device

Checking your streaming device for updates is also an important step to avoid Disney Plus becoming unavailable. Disney Plus is constantly updating supported devices and compatible systems on its website. For example, Disney+ supports Apple mobile devices with iOS 15.3 and higher. If your iOS is below 15.3, Disney Plus may not work properly on your device. It is recommended to use the latest version of your streaming device to enjoy an excellent streaming experience. So make sure your devices, systems, and firmware are compatible with Disney Plus.

10 Contact Disney Plus Support

If all of the above steps have been tried and your problem is not resolved, we recommend contacting Disney Plus customer service for help, which provides live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be reached through their help center website or official social media. Visit the Disney Plus Help Center and scroll down to find the "Get in touch" button. Choose "Chat with Virtual Assistant", "Chat with an agent", or "Call Disney+" as you want.

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Part 2. Fix: Common Disney+ Error Codes

Next we will cover some common error codes in using Disney Plus, the reasons why they occur, and guide on how to fix them. Some of the specific troubleshooting methods mentioned below are detailed in Part 1. For more information, please return to Part 1. If there is an error code that is not listed below, the solution can be found in the Disney Plus Help Center.

1 Error Code 42

Disney Plus error code 42 is probably one of the most common error codes. When this error occurs, you will see a series of prompts as shown in the following figure: Please check to see that you are still connected to the internet, and try again.

What Causes Disney+ Error Code 42?
  • Disney Plus server error
  • Problems with your internet connection
How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 42?
  • Check Disney Plus Server Status: Go to Downdetector to check whether the Disney Plus server is down. If yes, please wait for the Disney Plus servers to recover.
  • Check Your Internet Speed: Please make sure your internet speed meets the minimum requirements for Disney Plus to run.
  • Check Your Wifi Router: Check your Wi-Fi router for firmware updates and DNS server settings. And disconnect the router, wait for 2 minutes, and then reboot your Internet-enabled device.
  • Clear the Cache: Clear the cache and data on the device you are using, or clear the cache and cookies on your browser.
  • Restart Your Streaming Device.
error code 42

2 Error Code 73

What Causes Disney+ Error Code 73?

Disney Plus error code 73 is a location availability error that means Disney Plus thinks you are trying to access the service from a region that doesn't currently support it.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73?
  • Check Content Availability: Content availability varies from country to country. The content you want to watch may not currently be available in your region.
  • Check that Your Location is Turned on: If you are in an area supported by Disney Plus, please turn on location services on your device to reflect your actual area to make it easier for Disney Plus to track your location so that error code 73 does not appear.
  • Check VPN Services: Disney Plus has detected that you are using a VPN service and will block your access to Disney Plus. Turn off the VPN service if your region already supports streaming Disney Plus. If you are using it in a region that is not supported by Disney Plus, please select the correct node, disable the VPN service, and try again.
  • Reconnect Wi-Fi Connection: Disconnect the current Wi-Fi and reconnect or switch the Wi-Fi network. If you're using a mobile device, try switching to airplane mode to refresh your Internet connection.
  • Disconnect and Restart Your Internet Device.
error code 73

3 Error Code 83

What Causes Disney+ Error Code 83?
  • Using incompatible device
  • Internet connection issues or Disney Plus server issues
How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83?
  • Check Device Compatibility: Refer to the list of compatible devices for Disney Plus. Update your system or upgrade the firmware to ensure that Disney Plus can run normally.
  • Check Your Internet Speed.
  • Check Disney Plus Server Status.
  • Restart Your Streaming Device.
error code 83

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Final Words

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