How to Keep Amazon Video after Canceling Subscription

Obviously, you will lose your content once your Prime Video subscription ends. Your subscription is an important key to accessing the Amazon Video library. In addition to the subscription limits, the selection of titles Included with Prime is always changing. Movies and TV shows are added to Prime Video, and occasionally titles are removed. The video may become unavailable due to potential content provider licensing restrictions or for other reasons.

Then is there any way to keep Amazon video playable after canceling the subscription or it expires? The answer is yes. You've come to the right place – our in-depth guide is here to show you how to save Amazon videos forever so that you can play them even if your subscription ends. You need to use a powerful tool called SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader, which helps you store Amazon videos forever. The following will show you how to use SameMovie.

keep amazon video after canceling subscription

Tool Required: SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader

SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader for Windows and Mac is a professional downloader that allows you to record and download 1080p movies and TV shows from Amazon. It features several intuitive options and customization preferences that are easy to use by any type of users, even those less experienced with video processing apps.

It supports downloading Amazon titles as MP4 or MKV files with multi-language audio tracks and subtitles kept, enabling you to watch the videos without an internet connection. The flexible and smart searching ability is another spotlight of SameMovie. Simply enter the video's name or link, the app can quickly recognize and list the search result.

amazon video downloader
Features of SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader:
  • Download unlimited Amazon videos in MP4/MKV format
  • Preserve multi-language audios and subtitles
  • Smart searching function and fast download speed
  • Support downloading the HD quality video
  • Free technical support & software updates
Free Trial Free Trial

Tutorial: How to Download Videos with SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader

The following are the detailed steps that show you how to download Amazon Prime videos with SameMovie. Please install the Amazon Video Downloader first before getting started.

STEP 1 Sign in with Your Amazon Account

Open up the SameMovie on your computer first, then type any word to the search box, a window will pop up asking you to log in your Amazon account.

STEP 2 Customize the Output Settings

To customize the output settings, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and a Settings window will pop up. Here you can change the video format, video quality and output folder. You can also make a preliminary selection for the audio language and subtitle language.


STEP 3 Add Your Favorite Video

Just enter the video name or keyword in the search bar and your video will be found quickly. You can also search video by copy the video URL from the Amazon website and past it into SameMovie.

add video

STEP 4 Select Output Audio Track and Language

SameMovie empowers you to select the audio track and subtitle for specific video. If you want to download a TV show, click the Download icon then a window will pop up, prompting you to select the title and season, and select the audio track and subtitles by clicking Advanced Download in the lower-left corner. If you try to download a movie, please click the advance download icon icon to open the corresponding window.

advanced download

STEP 5 Start to Download Your Video

Next, it's time to start to download the video. Just click the Download button, the video will be downloaded at a super-fast speed.


Once the video has downloaded successfully, you can click on the "Library" tab to check the downloaded history. Now, you could transfer the downloaded videos to your Google/Outlook Drive, smart TVs, USB flash drivers, SD cards, or other devices. If you don't delete the video, it will be saved on your device forever.


Final Words

SameMovie Amazon Video Downloader is definitely worth trying because it offers a straightforward solution to help you grab videos from Amazon. If you are an Amazon Prime Video subscriber and want to find a way to keep Amazon video forever after canceling the subscription, then SameMovie is your best option. Just click the "Download Now" to have a try.

Video Tutorial: How to Download Amazon Prime Video on PC


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