How to Download Paramount Plus Videos as MP4 Files

A downloaded movie or show is the perfect way to stay entertained if you find yourself offline. Whether you're going camping or on a flight where you may not have any entertainment, you can download a movie or a couple of episodes of your favorite shows on Paramount Plus. However, if you want to download a video on Paramount Plus, you need to subscribe to the Premium plan of Paramount Plus. Additionally, you can only download 25 titles from Paramount Plus on a few supported mobile devices, like Androids phones, Android tablets, iPhone and iPad (iOS 13+). That is to say, you can not download unlimited video content on your Windows 7/8/10/11 PC or Mac computer as well as your smart TV devices.

If you don’t like the inconvenient restrictions on the subscription plan, number and device of the download feature and want to save Paramount Plus videos forever on any device, the official apps' download feature can’t solve your problem. Fret not. You can still ask a professional video tool – SameMovie ParamountPlus Downloader for help no matter what subscription plan or device you have. In this article, we are going to have a look at the best and easiest way to download unlimited Paramount+ videos to MP4 on your computer. After that, you can enjoy and transfer your Paramount+ favorites to other devices, video players or video editing programs.

download paramount plus video to mp4

Tool Required: SameMovie ParamountPlus Video Downloader

SameMovie ParamountPlus Downloader is a multifunctional Paramount Plus downloader through which you can download any Paramount Plus video as local MP4 or MKV on PC or Mac so that you can enjoy on-demand video wherever you are and anytime you want. SameMovie also empowers you to choose 1080p video resolution and AC3/EAC3 5.1 audio tracks, which can give you a cinema-like viewing experience at home. Moreover, SameMovie can auto-remove any ads in the downloading process even if you only subscribe to the ad-supported plan. With SameMovie, you don't need to purchase the premium plan and can save a lot of money, time and effort in terms of downloading Paramount Plus videos.

paramountplus video downloader
Features of SameMovie ParamountPlus Downloader:
  • Download HD videos from Paramount Plus
  • Clean and well-organized user interface
  • Save Paramount Plus videos in MP4 or MKV format
  • Keep multilingual audio track and subtitles
  • Support downloading 5.1 surround audio track
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Tutorial: How to Download Paramount Plus Videos as MP4 Files

Now, you can continue reading below to find out how to download Paramount Plus videos with the help of SameMovie Downloader.

STEP 1 Sign in Paramount Plus Account

To get started, launch SameMovie ParamountPlus Downloader on your computer, input any words in the search box and press "Enter" on the keyboard. After that, please log in to your Paramount Plus account to access the Paramount Plus services.


STEP 2 Customize Output Settings

Please tap on the gear icon on the upper right, followed that the setting window will pop up. Here you can customize the video output format (MP4/MKV), video quality (High, Medium, Low), output path, and select the language of audio tracks and subtitles, etc. To download videos as MP4 format files, please select the video output format as MP4.


STEP 3 Add Video

Now you can search for videos by name or URL. Please enter a video's name or copy and paste the URL from the Paramount Plus web player into the search bar, and hit "Enter" to find the videos that you want to download.

add video

STEP 4 Select Output Audio Track and Language

Before downloading the videos, you are also free to choose specific output resolution, size, audio tracks and subtitles of the videos on the "Advanced Setting" window. The advanced download settings icon next to the "Download" arrow icon when downloading a movie, you can click the "Advanced Setting" icon to choose the output video quality, size, audio and subtitles languages. When you are downloading a TV show, click the arrow-down icon, you will see the "Advanced Download" button on the bottom left of the pop-up window.

advanced download

STEP 5 Start to Download

After selecting all your "Advanced Setting", please directly click the "Download" icon to start downloading the videos.


Once the videos are downloaded successfully, you can click on the "Library" tab and find the downloaded videos saved on your computer. Now, you could transfer or upload the downloaded videos to your Google or iCloud Drive, smart TVs, USB flash drivers, SD cards, hard drives, and even car players. Let's come to use SameMovie and create a personal Paramount Plus video library.

Final Words

Paramount Plus is a subscription-based OTT service that offers an impressive library of high-quality shows and movies, but it failed to satisfy many subscribers' hunger for offline viewing. Thus, this article introduces an amazing tool, SameMovie ParamountPlus Downloader to download and convert Paramount Plus videos to MP4. This software application comes with a bunch of features that are actually useful, and it flaunts an intuitive interface that anyone can easily operate. All in all, if you want to have the best viewing experience and download Paramount Plus’s shows, then SameMovie must be the best you should use. Now, let's click the "Download Now" below and free download HD Paramount Plus’s videos for sample testing.

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