How to Download Paramount Plus to Watch Offline

One of the most popular video streaming services, Paramount Plus provides on-demand streaming for multiple types of TV shows, movies, cartoons, and many more. The good thing about Paramount Plus is that, it provides one of its customers’ most-requested features: the ability to download TV shows and movies to mobile devices for watching them on the go. The download feature, which has been several years in the works, gives Paramount Plus subscribers on the $9.99 ad-free Premium Plan the ability to download tens of thousands of TV episodes and movies. But bear in mind that, it’s not available to customers who have the Essential service $4.99-per-month package with ads.

However, if you like a movie or a show, you would want to have your copy and watch it whenever you want. So, are you wondering how to download Paramount Plus shows or movies to watch them offline and even share with your families or friends? Then this article is for you. Here, we have outlined two reliable, quick, and easy ways that enable you to download Paramount Plus video for offline watching. Note that the second method enables you to get rid of the limits of the official way, and makes it possible for you to download Paramount Plus video both on your PC and Mac devices and watch offline anytime anywhere as you wish.

download paramount plus video to mp4

Method 1. Download Paramount+ Video in Official Way

Before we dive into how you can download any of the content, we should discuss the limitations regarding these downloads. If you find the limits are unacceptable, you can turn to the Method Two of this article.


For now, the download feature is only available on a few supported devices. As downloads are designed for offline use, support is only extended to mobile devices, such as an iPhone and iPad, or Android phone and tablet. Furthermore, iPhone and iPad devices must be running a minimum of iOS 13, while Android phones and tablets will need to be running at least Android 5. According to Paramount Plus, customers can only download a maximum of 25 titles across devices.


In addition to the plan, device type and number, there are some additional limitations to be aware of. For example, videos only remain downloaded for 30 days. Once the 30-day period comes to an end, Paramount Plus automatically deletes the video from the device requiring the user to download it again. It is also worth noting that once the user starts playing the video, the download will only remain available for 48 hours. After downloaded titles expire, viewers can redownload the expired downloads when they’re connected online (assuming the content is still available on Paramount Plus).

Now, if you are still looking to download the Paramount Plus video with the official app, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – Update and launch the app: To access the download-to-go feature, Paramount+ users must update their official app to the latest version. After that, launch the Paramount Plus app on your phone or tablet and log in to your Paramount Plus account.

Step 2 – Search for the video: Then browse to a movie or show you want to download to your device. And then go to its details page.

Step 3 – Download the video: On the video details page, there’s a circle with an arrow pointing downwards near the content is available for download. Tap the arrow button and wait as a blue circle indicates progress. If a download icon is not visible on a show/movie page, then it is likely that the title is currently unavailable to download. Besides, if you want to stop the download, you can tap on the square that has replaced the downward arrow.


Step 4 – Find the downloaded video: After the content has completed the download, a checkmark will appear near the content. If you want to access what you’ve downloaded, tap the More menu button and then tap Downloads from the menu. There you will find a list of everything that’s been downloaded to your device. Now, Let's just tap on what you want to watch to begin viewing it.

By the way, while the download is in progress, you can navigate the app, but you cannot shut down the app or even minimize it. And you are able to manage download preferences by going to More > Settings. There you can enable auto-deletion of downloaded content after viewing it, download over Wi-Fi only, Delete All Downloads, and set the download quality.

Method 2. Download Paramount+ Video via SameMovie Downloader

If you don’t like the inconvenient restrictions on the subscription plan, number, device and expiration date of the official download feature, fret not, you can still ask a professional video tool – SameMovie ParamountPlus Downloader for help no matter what subscription plan or device you have. In this part, we are going to have a look at this tool to download and save unlimited Paramount+ videos from Paramount+ without limitation.

SameMovie provides you with the easiest solution to download all types of content from Paramount Plus video on both Windows and Mac devices. Even if Paramount Plus does not offer an option to download all episodes from a show or single series at once, you can still download videos in batch with SameMovie. To guarantee your downloaded video can be played on any device, SameMovie ensures your downloaded video could be saved in the most supportive MP4 and MKV format.

Moreover, it offers top-notch video quality in 1080p and audio quality in 5.1 surround sound to make them a more pleasing sensory experience. Furthermore, you don't have to be concerned about being disturbed by commercials since SameMovie automatically removes ads from the original video during the download process. Equipped with this amazing tool, it's possible for you to enjoy and transfer your Paramount+ favorites to other devices, video players or video editing programs, and save much money, time and effort.

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Step-by-step Tutorial: How to Download Paramount Plus Video for Offline Viewing

Now, you can continue reading below to find out how to download Paramount Plus video to watch offline with the help of SameMovie ParamountPlus Downloader.

STEP 1 Sign in to Paramount Plus Account

Log in to your Paramount Plus account by clicking the "SIGN IN" button to access the Paramount Plus services.

STEP 2 Change Output Settings

To set up your downloads, like video format, output path, and more, please go to the "Settings" window.


STEP 3 Find the Desired Video

Browse directly on the homepage of the embedded browser, or click on the "Movies" and "SHOWS" categories above to find content of interest. You are also allowed to find video by entering the name/keywords of the video in the search bar.

add video

STEP 4 Select Specific Advanced Settings

Click on the content you want to download and it will jump to the video details page. Then, you need to tap the "Download" icon to open the "Advanced Download" window where you can customize your downloads as shown in the image below.

advanced download

STEP 5 Download Paramount+ Video

Hit the "Download" button to start downloading your selected videos. After the Paramount Plus videos are well downloaded, go to the "Library" tab and find the Paramount Plus videos have been saved with no ads. And you can click the thumbnails of the titles to play the video files with ease. Now, you can feel free to transfer Paramount Plus videos to other devices for enjoying offline.


Final Words

In this article, we first look at the official way to download video from Paramount Plus and introduce its restrictions on subscription plan, device type, number, and expiration date. After that, we dive straight into another method, which is the best workaround for these limits.

Compared with the first method, it couldn't be easier to download Paramount Plus video to watch offline on any of your computers with the help of SameMovie ParamountPlus Downloader. It enables you to download any video from Paramount Plus with high picture quality and audio quality retained, no matter the device and plan you have. Moreover, you can use it to download unlimited Paramount Plus video for limitless times. If you like it, just click the "Download Now" above and use it on your PC or Mac computer. You will be empowered to tackle any downloads limits and enjoy no ads Paramount Plus video anywhere anytime!

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