How to Download Hulu on Mac to Watch Offline?

With millions of subscribers worldwide, Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services in existence, and it continues to grow every year. Once you've subscribed to the Hulu No Ads plan, you can not only stream Hulu videos without ads online but also download videos from Hulu for offline viewing.

However, the downloading function is limited to iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire tablets apps. What if you want to play Hulu videos offline on other devices, like a Macbook or iMac?

Fear not! In this article, we will explore the various methods and tools available to download Hulu shows on your Mac, allowing you to enjoy your favorite content even without an internet connection.


1. Using Hulu Video Downloader for Mac

To download Hulu movies or shows on Mac, a professional Mac Hulu Video Downloader is highly recommended. SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader is an excellent choice for Mac users. It is a user-friendly application that allows you to easily download your favorite movies or shows from Hulu to your computer. This program is compatible with macOS 10.15 or above.

Whether you subscribe to an ad-free or ad-supported plan, SameMovie can efficiently download movies for offline playback. The downloaded Hulu videos can be permanently saved on your hard drive, and they will remain accessible even if your subscription plan changes or is cancelled. This provides you with the convenience of enjoying Hulu shows offline at any time.

hulu video downloader
Features of SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader:
  • Fully compatible with most Mac computers
  • Download any content from Hulu to watch offline
  • Get rid of ads and have no need to install Hulu app
  • MP4 and MKV ouput make the downloads playable on any devices
  • Free technical support & software update
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Tutorial: Download Hulu on Macbook or iMac with SameMovie

STEP 1 Sign in with Hulu Account

Launch SameMovie and sign in to your Hulu account.


STEP 2 Select Default Output Settings

Navigate to the top menu bar of the SameMovie and click the "Settings" button to set up the downloads.


STEP 3 Search for Hulu Shows on Mac

There are two ways to search for Hulu videos. One is to input the name or keywords of the target video. The other is to browse the embedded Hulu library.

add video

STEP 4 Customize Advanced Download Settings

You are allowed to adjust the advanced download settings for the specific video in the "Advanced Download" window. Just click the "Download" icon to open that window.

advanced download

STEP 5 Download Hulu Movies on Mac

Simply press the "Download" button and SameMovie will start to download Hulu videos on your Mac with the acceleration of your computer hardware. Once finished, you can watch your favorite content on Mac offline.


2. Using Free Screen Recording Software

When it comes to screen recording software on Mac that can record Hulu, there are several options available. Here are a few popular choices along with instructions on how to use them effectively:

QuickTime Player:

QuickTime Player is a pre-installed application on Mac that can also be used for screen recording.

  1. Open QuickTime Player from your Applications folder or by searching for it using Spotlight.
  2. Click on "File" in the menu bar and select "New Screen Recording."
  3. A small recording window will appear. Click on the red "Record" button to start recording.
  4. To record the audio from the Hulu video, click on the small arrow next to the record button and select your microphone as the audio source.
  5. Once you're ready to record, click anywhere on the screen to start capturing.
  6. To stop recording, click on the stop button in the menu bar or press Command + Control + Esc on your keyboard. The recorded video will open in a new window where you can preview and save it.

OBS Studio:

OBS Studio is a free and open-source screen recording software that offers advanced features for recording and streaming.

  • Download and install OBS Studio from the official website.
  • install obs
  • Open OBS Studio and create a new scene by clicking on the "+" button in the Scenes section.
  • Add a new display capture source by clicking on the "+" button in the Sources section.
  • add new scenes
  • Select "Display Capture" and choose the display where you will be playing the Hulu video.
  • Start playing the Hulu video, and you should see it captured in the OBS Studio window.
  • To record the audio from the Hulu video, add an audio input source by clicking on the "+" button in the Sources section. Select your desired audio source, such as your system audio or microphone.
  • Click on "Start Recording" in the Controls section to begin recording. To stop recording, click on "Stop Recording" in the Controls section. The recorded video will be saved to your specified location.
  • start recording

Final Words

We've presented two methods and three tools for you to watch Hulu shows or movies offline on your Mac for offline viewing. The recording software is free, but it requires you to wait until the Hulu video playback ends. Using SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader makes the process of downloading shows from Hulu to your Mac comparably simple and saves effort. Once downloaded, you can store these videos on your Mac. If you wish to save Hulu videos with high-definition quality, original audio, and subtitles, SameMovie could be the better option for you. Simply click the "Download Now" button below and give it a try!

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Claire Green, a content writer specializing in blogs. With a passion for streaming video, Claire explores the latest trends, reviews popular platforms, and provides insightful tips for optimizing your streaming experience.

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