How to Download Hulu Video to USB Drive

Hulu offers a wide range of exceptional movies and series, including classic favorites and original content. Regardless of your preferences, whether it's animation or live-action, fantasy or comedy, Hulu has something that will suit your taste. Their subscription plans are also affordable, making it easy to stream tens of thousands of movies and series at a low cost. The ad-free plan is priced at $12.99 per month, while the ad-supported plan costs $6.99 per month. However, it's important to note that Hulu's subscription plans come with some drawbacks that shouldn't be overlooked. For example, subscribers to the ad-supported plan are not allowed to use the download feature, while ad-free plan subscribers can only download videos on mobile devices, and a maximum of 25 videos can be downloaded at a time.

It's worth pointing out that you'll need a capable Hulu video downloader if you are someone who wants to download lots of Hulu videos without any limitations. SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader is a reliable and user-friendly third-party tool that can cover your needs. Because SameMovie supports you downloading Hulu titles to a USB drive, you can unlimited download all kinds of Hulu videos as long as your USB memory is big enough. Also, you are able to move the downloads to any device for playback offline. In order to prove that SameMovie really works, the following will introduce the features of SameMovie in detail, and show you how to use SameMovie to download videos to USB.

download hulu video to usb drive

Tool Required: SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader

SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader is a good-looking and easy-to-use program that is suitable both for beginners and those more experienced. In just a few simple steps, you can quickly download and save HD Hulu titles in MP4 or MKV format and move your downloads to all types of devices for viewing without spending extra internet traffic. Armed with the most advanced search function, you just need to copy and paste the video URL into the SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader, or search directly using the video name or keyword, SameMovie will find the video you want in seconds. Meanwhile, SameMovie allows you to select and download available subtitles and audio tracks in different languages, and supports the preservation of fabulous Dolby Digital 5.1 cinematic sound for a more enjoyable audio-visual experience for users.

hulu video downloader
Features of SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader:
  • Keep multilingual subtitles and audio tracks
  • Download Hulu videos as MP4/MKV format
  • Batch download feature & fast download speed
  • Support using keywords & URLs to add videos
  • Free technical support & software update
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Tutorial: How to Download Hulu Video to USB

The following is a specific tutorial about how to use SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader to save Hulu videos to USB drive. Please download and install the SameMovie program on your Windows or Mac first.

STEP 1 Run SameMovie and Log into Your Hulu Account

Run SameMovie first, then register with your license. Enter any word into the main interface's search bar to open the Hulu login window and sign in to your Hulu account.


STEP 2 Customize the Output Settings

SameMovie provides a Settings window for users to customize the default settings, which can be opened by clicking on the upper-right Settings icon. From here, you can set the video format, video quality, audio & subtitle language, subtitle format, output folder, etc.


STEP 3 Copy & Paste Hulu Video URL or Name to SameMovie

There are 2 ways to search your desired videos on SameMovie. One is to copy the video URL from the Hulu website, and SameMovie will automatically paste the URL into the search bar and start searching. Another way is to type the video name or keywords into the search bar directly.

add video

STEP 4 Select Output Audio Track and Language

Here you can select the characteristic output parameters again for the video you are about to download. For downloading TV shows, you can click the "Download" icon to open the Advanced Download window. For downloading movies, you can click the advanced setting button button to open the "Advanced Download" window to select specific video quality, audio tracks, and subtitles.

advanced download

STEP 5 Start to Download Hulu Videos

After customizing, just hit the “Download” button to start downloading Hulu videos on your computer. During the process, you can continue to add more Hulu videos to the download queue.


Once the download is complete, you can click the "Library" tab to view all download history. And now, please insert your USB into the computer and you are able to move the downloads to your USB.


Final Words

As the industry-leading Hulu downloader, SameMovie Hulu Video Downloader considers every aspect for users, from the simplicity of operation to the wide variety of download options. And it is indeed a program worth trying that can help you download unlimited Hulu movies and TV shows without hassle. Now, it's time to try this wonderful program, just click the "Download Now" button below.

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