How to Get Peacock Free Trial in 2024?

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Nina Prescott  March 22, 2024 Category: Topics

Does Peacock offer a free trial? 7-day or one-month free trial? Can I watch movies on Peacock for free before officially subscribing to Peacock? Keep reading and find the answer.

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1. Does Peacock Have a Free Trial?

Peacock had offered a free trial on the occasion of its launch in 2020, allowing subscribers to access about 10,000 hours of a specific library of content with adverts. you won't be able to access Peacock for free from 2024 onwards. For now, if you want to watch popular NBCUniversal TV shows or live sports, you'll need to subscribe to Peacock's paid plans, Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus.

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2. Two Other Ways to Get Peacock for Free in 2024

Although Peacock currently does not offer a free trial, users can get free access to Peacock by subscribing to some other services.

Get Peacock for Free with Instacart+

Instacart+ offers a free Peacock Premium plan (valued at $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year) for its eligible members:

  • Currently have an Instacart+ membership (costing $9.99 per month or $99 per year) and are located in the US
  • Not currently a Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium Plus subscriber

If you haven't signed up for an Instacart+ membership, you can also get a Peacock Premium subscription through Instacart+'s 14-day free trial membership, as long as you meet the above conditions.

Get Peacock for Free with Xfinity

Xfinity provides three offers that allow eligible users to redeem the free Peacock Premium plan.

1. For new and existing Xfinity Internet customers who subscribe to the Gigabit or Gigabit Plus speed service, the Peacock Premium plan is free for two years. If after two years, you are still using the service, then you can continue to enjoy the Peacock Premium plan for free.

2. If you are an Xfinity Internet customer with an Xfinity Rewards Diamond or Platinum membership, you can redeem Peacock Premium for free at no additional cost.

3. Users who subscribe to NOW TV for $20/month can access Peacock's exclusive original videos and live sports directly through NOW TV for free with the Peacock Premium plan.

3. How to Download Peacock for Offline Viewing?

It couldn't be easier to download Peacock videos for offline viewing. Please choose the following methods that suits you according to your situation.

Download Peacock Videos with Peacock App

To download videos through the Peacock app, you must first be a Peacock Premium Plus subscriber and use the app on a supported mobile device.

STEP 1 Open the Peacock app on your device and sign in.

STEP 2 Find what to download in Peacock's library.

STEP 3 Tap on the video's detail page and scroll down to find and click the Download button. If it's a film, the download button is located directly under "Watch Now". Tap on the "Download" button to initiate the download process.

download peacock videos and movies

STEP 4 Finally you can find your downloads by clicking on the Download icon at the bottom left of the screen.

peacock app
What You Need:
  • A Peacock Premium Plus plan;
  • The Peacock app;
  • A supported mobile device.
❤️ Pros:
  • Videos can be viewed offline directly on the phone;
  • Simple download steps.
❤ Cons:
  • Limited number of downloads and times;
  • Time-limited viewing period;
  • Mobile devices may not have enough storage space;
  • Watch downloaded videos in the app only.

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Download Peacock Video with SameMovie All-in-one Video Downloader

SameMovie All-in-one Video Downloader is a versatile video downloader for use on your computer that supports downloading videos from up to 15 Sites, including Peacock. You can easily find videos, set videos and download Peacock videos, and the downloaded Peacock videos can be permanently saved on your device or moved to the device to watch at any time without expiring.

How to Easily Download Videos from Peacock Using SameMovie?

STEP 1 Choose Peacock as the download site and log in to your Peacock account, select Profile.

STEP 2 Set the video parameters in the Settings window in advance. If you want to download high-definition videos, you can set "Video Quality" to "High". And you can also set the video to be output in H.265 or H.264 video codecs here.

choose the settings for peacock

STEP 3 Browse and find the desired video. If you want to download a specific video, such as Yellowstone, you can search for it directly in the search bar. Tap on the Yellowstone tile and select a specific episode.

search yellowstone tv series

STEP 4 Click on the Download icon in the bottom right corner and you can make further advanced settings in the pop-up window.

advanced download peacock video

STEP 5 Start downloading Yellowstone TV series by clicking the Download button. Finally you can find the downloaded Yellowstone TV series in the folder of the output path.

What You Need:
  • SameMovie All-in-one Video Downloader
❤️ Pros:
  • Automatically download ad-free videos;
  • Download unlimited videos with no cap;
  • Support saving videos in MP4 format;
  • Videos never expire and are saved forever;
  • Support customized download settings;
  • Easy to navigate thanks to its clear interface.
❤ Cons:
  • No 4K support;
  • There is no version for mobile phones.


Although Peacock officially no longer offers free trials, those who want free access to the Peacock library can use the above two methods to obtain the service. Although Peacock officially no longer offers free trials, those who want free access to the Peacock library can use the above two methods to obtain the service. If you want to download the popular TV series Yellowstone, Law & Order, and more to watch offline, you might as well try SameMovie All-in-one Video Downloader.

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