How to Block Ads on YouTube in 2024?

Nina Prescott
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YouTube, one of the most popular video platforms, offers a wide variety of free content. However, the adverts it puts up are always irritating, with the length of the adverts sometimes lasting up to 1-2 minutes. Fortunately, there are ways to get around these pesky adverts. This article will provide 4 feasible methods to help you block or get rid of YouTube ads.

block youtube ads

Method 1: Upgrade to YouTube Premium

If you don't want to be bothered by ads, you can buy YouTube Premium, a YouTube subscription service that allows you to enjoy videos in an immersive way without having to wait for any ads (YouTube ads appear before and between videos). Individuals can enjoy the benefits for just 13.99 per month, and YouTube also offers a two-month free trial.

recommendClick to pick more membership plans.

Method 2: Download YouTube Videos

Downloading YouTube videos to watch offline is also one of the effective ways to block YouTube ads. You can download YouTube videos for free without subscribing to YouTube Premium by using SameMovie All-in-one Video Downloader.

The benefit over using SameMovie is that you can download YouTube videos to MP4 format and move the downloads to other devices, whereas the videos downloaded by YouTube Premium are in private format and can only be viewed through the YouTube app. Suppose the author removes the video, then that downloaded video will also be deleted on your device in sync, but the benefit of using SameMovie arises that you can save the downloaded video permanently.

How to Download YouTube Videos in MP4 Format?

STEP 1 Click the Download button above to complete the installation and download. Once the program is open, select "YouTube" as the destination site.

select youtube website

STEP 2 Log into your YouTube account (optional).

STEP 3 SameMovie provides the same built-in interface as for you to find YouTube videos directly. Go to the Settings window to make some settings for the downloads, such as output path and video resolution.

STEP 4 After tapping on a specific video, click on the download icon that turns from grey to green in the bottom right corner. Then click on the "Advanced Download" button to customize more specific settings for the video. Here, you can see that the YouTube video format is displayed as MP4.

youtube video mp4

STEP 5 Click the "Download" button to start downloading the YouTube to MP4 format.

download youtube video

Method 3: Use YouTube Ad Blocker

You can get rid of ads by using YouTube ad blocking tools, which come in various forms, browser extensions or apps. There are ads blocking apps on the market that can be used on computers as well as mobile devices. Not only do they block pre-video and in-video ads, but they also block other banner ads from popping up. Common YouTube ad blockers include AdGuard, AdBlock, Total Adblock, etc.

How to Use YouTube Ad Blocker?

Next we'll cover how to use a browser extension to block ads on YouTube.

STEP 1 Choose a safe and reliable ad blocker extension for your current browser.

STEP 2 Click the "Add to Chrome" button on the right, and then click the "Add extension" option.

add youtube ad blocker

STEP 3 Open Ad Blocker and turn on blocking. Now you can watch ad-free YouTube content.

enable youtube ad blocker

Method 4: Use a Browser that Blocks Ads

You can block YouTube ads directly without installing additional extensions or apps by using ad-free browsers such as Brave, Opera, and others. They can automatically block those annoying adverts. However, there are fewer browser options in this category at the moment.

FAQ: Can YouTube Detect Ad Blockers?

Starting in 2023, YouTube began a major crackdown on ad blockers. Some users may find that when using an ad blocker, they receive the following warning "Ad blockers violate YouTube's Terms of Service". YouTube offers two options: either encourage people to purchase YouTube Premium to enjoy ad-free content, or turn off the ad blocker and allow YouTube to continue to show ads. If you continue to use the ad blocker, YouTube may simply block you from playing the video.

youtube ad blockers violation

Conclusion: What is the Best Method to Block Ads on YouTube?

Although various ad blockers are actively dealing with the war with YouTube, there are still a lot of users who feedback that their browsers load delayed or slowed down after using an ad blocker. So using an ad blocker and browser that blocks ads is not discouraged. Upgrading to YouTube Premium and downloading YouTube videos are both preferable. If you want to download YouTube videos to MP4 format, just try SameMovie All-in-one Video Downloader.

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