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Watching your favorite videos offline on various devices may not be a simple matter at times. This is because you may find that the video format you download is not compatible with all devices, which may result in the video not being played. The MP4 format, which works with most devices and can be stored on your computer or phone, is one of the most often used for downloading movies. But how to download videos to MP4 format?

When you search online for websites where you can download movies in MP4 format, you will see a lot of options. But in fact, many of these sites either have viruses or are blank pages when you click on them. After trying hundreds of links, you may find that none of the sites worked at all. Therefore, we present below 4 free MP4 movie download websites and a reliable program that can download streaming movies to MP4 format. If you want to know what they are, just read on.

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Popular MP4 Movies Download Sites

1. CoolMovieZ

Coolmoviez is a collection of movies, web series and TV shows, as well as programs dubbed in various languagessuch as Hindi, Hindi Dubbed, Bengali, Punjabi, etc. The front page of the site is simple and easy to understand with a clear layout. The whole page is divided into four sections, HD Movie Download from World Best Websites, Movie By Genere, Daily Updated Movies, Download Menu. Coolmoviez not only has Hollywood, Bollywood movie videos, but also has a wide variety of themes such as Action, Adventure, Thriller, Crime, Sci-fi, Cartoon, etc. If you want to find videos you want to download more quickly, Coolmoviez also allows you to search directly. The details page for each movie download also includes various information, such as category starcast, description, file size, release date, downloads, and duration.


2. Melody Blog

Melody Blog can download South African Movies, Korean Movies, TV Series, Bollywood Indian Movies and Hollywood Movies for free. Its pages are very simple and the home page offers a number of videos for you to choose from straight away. The navigation bar at the top of the page organises the videos into different categories. Under the HollyWood tab, several specific themes are also subdivided, including crime, drama, thriller, etc. There is also a search icon at the far side of the navigation bar where you can find the video you want. On the specific details page of the video, you can see the name of the video, release year, country, language, rated, director, file size, and trailer etc. In addition to downloading the MP4 format, the website can also download MKV format.

melody blog

3. 24baze.com

The newest Hollywood, Bollywood, and TV series are posted daily on the entertainment website 24baze.com. The layout of the page is very simple, with the front page showing the Hollywood Movies and Nollywood Movies divisions. The search box on the right side allows you to manually search for the video you want. The film's details page features the film's synopsis, Genre, Director, Starring, and the language of the subtitles. When you click the download button, you will jump to another page including File Type, File Size, Uploader, and Upload Date. If the video is provided with subtitles, then you can also download them separately, which is one of the great things about this site. All films and television shows must be seen with the latest version of VLC Media Player or other advanced player; otherwise, the video and audio will be blank.


4. PublicDomainMovies.net

This website not only allows you to download videos in MP4 format, but also allow you to watch online. The navigation bar categorizes the videos directly into feature films, comedy, drama & romance, science fiction & horror and carton. The website does not provide a search function, so it may be a bit strenuous to find a video. When you open the video's details page, you will see a window where you can play the video directly. If you don't want to watch it online, you can scroll down and find the download button. Continue to slide down, you can see a more detailed introduction to the video, such as Plot summary, Cast, Filming, Soundtrack, Soundtrack, Controversy, Critical response, Influence, etc.


The above four websites believe that there is always one for you. These sites are not only free but also don't require you to register and sign in for an account. Just find the videos you want to download and click download to download them to your device. But they all have some problems at the same time, that is, different ads pop up or there are ads on the page itself, and maybe you can't find the video you want in its library. So, next we will introduce a reliable MP4 video download tool to help you solve your problem.

A Professional Tool to Download Videos in MP4 Format

SameMovie All-in-one Video Downloader is a practical all-in-one video downloader with many powerful functions that makes downloading videos much easier. It is designed for downloading videos and movies from over 15 streaming sites including streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus and more.

Even if the subscription plans offered by some of these platforms do not have the function of downloading, SameMovie can help you easily download videos to watch offline. When downloading shows from YouTube, it is free to download without paying for their subscription plans.

In addition to being able to download videos and movies in MP4 format, SameMovie can also download titles in MKV format, which is a compatible format with most devices. All videos downloaded by SameMovie have no advertisements and no watermarks, providing you with a good viewing experience without being disturbed by advertisements. What's more, you can download high-resolution videos ranging from low video quality to 8K (8K is the highest resolution YouTube has available for download).

It is also available to preserve different languages of subtitles and audio tracks. Last but not least, you can store the downloaded videos on your device forever, and you don't have to worry about the day a video on the platform gets taken down for any reason.

Steps on How to Download Videos in MP4 Format

STEP 1 Download SameMovie and Select Download Website

Download and install the latest version of SameMovie All-in-one Video Downloader on your computer. When you open it for the first time, a window will pop out asking you to choose the download website.

Select the website you want to download videos from, click "OK", and then the program will restart to connect to the corresponding website. Type something into the search bar to open the login window (for streaming service platforms).

select website

STEP 2 Search Videos by Name or URL

It is convenient to search for the videos that you want by using the name or keyword or copying the link of the video into the search bar for the reason that SameMovie is equipped with a smart engine. In this way, you don't need to install the app of each streaming service platform separately.

search video

STEP 3 Choose the Output Settings

The biggest advantage of SameMovie is that in addition to downloading videos in MP4 format, it also allows you to set the video resolution, audio language and subtitle language by yourself in "Settings". You can also directly set the video output location to the external device such as SD Card or USB Drive.

In the "Account Settings" tab, you can change the download website from here. You can enable the hardware acceleration when your computer supports it, which can speed up the download process. H.264 video codec is also provided to help you save HD movies and shows in smaller file sizes.


STEP 4 Customize Advanced Download Settings

Video quality, subtitle languages, and audio tracks can all be chosen before downloading videos.

If you want to further customize your video clarity, the languages of audio and subtitle, you can set them via "Advanced Download", which displays the full lists of that video owns. When downloading TV shows, click the "Download" icon first, and then the "Advanced Download" settings icon will appear. At the meantime, SameMovie features the batch download function which enables you to download all seasons together. When downloading movies, just click the icon next to the "Download" icon to open the "Advanced Download" settings window.

advanced settings

STEP 5 Download Video in MP4 Format

When finished setting up, click on the "Download" button to start downloading. On the right pane of the program, you can see the downloading videos and their meta information. You can continue adding desired videos to the download queue. Once downloaded, tap "Library" to check the downloads.

start downloading netflix videos

FAQs About MP4 Movie Downloading

Q1: Why does this article only introduce four free websites to download movies in MP4 format?

The above four websites are websites that we are still running normally after continuous selection and testing. When you search in Google, you may see a lot of websites available. But when you click in, you will find that these websites cannot be used at all. And there are many websites that may carry Trojan horses that can affect the operation of your computer. So here we only recommend the above four sites to help you download movies in MP4 format.

Q2: Can you give some tips for using MP4 movie download sites?

Before downloading any video from a website, it is crucial to verify the legitimacy of the website. In order to prevent some websites from damaging your computer with viruses or malware, it is advisable to use a reliable anti-virus program to detect and intercept them in time. Finally, use an anti-virus program to scan the downloaded file before opening it to make sure it does not have any malicious code.

Q3: What is the best way to download MP4 movies?

Instead of looking for some unreliable websites online, try this professional MP4 all-in-one video downloader that supports downloading videos from more than 15 websites, like Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube, and more. This program is not only safe, but also does not have any ad pop-ups to bother you to use it.

Final Words

Are you tired of searching for trustworthy websites to download free MP4 movies? You might want to download popular films when they are released so you can watch them anytime you want. These websites introduced above are good choices. But if you want to choose a more reliable and safe MP4 movie download, we would more strongly recommend you to use SameMovie. Just download and try it now.

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