How to Download Netflix Video to External Hard Drive

For those of you who download Netflix videos frequently, you may find that you don't have that much storage space on your computer. Especially when you need to download a lot of videos at once, the space on your computer becomes even more stretched, and this is where an external hard drive becomes especially important. Storing your downloaded movies and TV shows in it can help you free up your computer's memory and get it running smoothly again.

But if you try to store the downloaded movies in another path other than the default path you will find that these downloaded videos are stored on a hidden place where you’re not allowed to copy videos from that folder. Therefore, you need a tool for helping you download the Netflix video on your external hard drive.

download netflix video to external hard drive

What do you need to save Netflix content on external drive?

To download Netflix titles on the external hard drive, you need, of course, the external hard drive, and an app called SameMovie Netflix Video Downloader installed on your Windows or Mac computer. This downloader is capable of downloading high-quality (up to 1080p) Netflix content locally, which means you can easily change the path where downloaded videos are saved for better sharing them. Besides, different from saving downloaded videos in the Netflix app, downloaded videos can play outside the SameMovie app. Videos downloaded with SameMovie is high-quality with multilingual audio and subtitle tracks kept. You will get MP4/MKV files by using SameMovie, so that you can play these files on any compatible device.

netflix video downloader
SameMovie Netflix Video Downloader:
  • Download Netflix movies, TV shows documentaries, and more
  • Download Netflix videos with HD (1080p and 720p) quality kept
  • Support downloading subtitles and audio tracks
  • Support fast multi-stream and multi-video downloading
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How to save Netflix content on external drive?

Here is a tutorial on downloading Netflix videos to the external hard drive. Please download SameMovie, and follow the instructions below.

STEP 1 Install and Run SameMovie Netflix Downloader

Open SameMovie Netflix Downloader after downloading it on your computer, then enter any word to bring up a window by typing it in the search bar. After that, log in to your Netflix account using your information.

STEP 2 Customize Output Settings

In this section, you can change the output options. The video output format, video quality, and audio language are parameters that you can modify. You can choose the external hard drive as your output path in this step. When choosing video quality, you can choose "High" to download Netflix videos at 1080p. Please be aware that only the Standard and Premium plans enable the download of 1080p videos. If you have a Basic or Basic with Ad plan, you can use SameMovie to download HD (720p) videos.


STEP 3 Search Netflix Videos by Name or URL

You can find the video you want to save in two ways. You can enter the video URL into SameMovie's search field by copying it from your browser's address bar. Or you can use the keywords to search for the video.

add video

STEP 4 Advanced Download Settings

Video quality, subtitle languages, and audio tracks can all be chosen before downloading videos.

For downloading a Netflix TV show, click the download button button to pick the season and episode you want, and then click the "Advanced Download" button in the lower-left corner to open the advanced settings box.

You can select different parameters by clicking the advanced setting button icon next to the download button when you want to download a Netflix movie.

advanced settings

STEP 5 Start to Download Netflix Videos

The videos on your choice will begin to download quickly as soon as you hit the download button. SameMovie supports downloading the videos you want in batches.

start downloading netflix videos

After finishing the download, you can now insert the hard drive, and copy or move them from the output path if you haven't select the hard drive as your output path in step 2.

FAQs about downloading Netflix videos

Q1: Do downloaded videos have an expiration date?

It depends. If you download videos with the Netflix app, your downloads will expire 48 hours after start watching them. If you downloaded the video and haven't started watching it yet. You have 7 days to finish watching the downloaded videos, otherwise, they will expire.

However, the videos you download with SameMovie can be kept forever. Even when your Netflix subscription expires, you can still access and watch them on your own devices.

Q2: Can downloaded videos be played on other devices?

Yes. You don't have to play the downloads on the Netflix app or on the SameMovie app. After downloading videos on your Windows or Mac computer, you can transfer them to any device that supports MP4/MKV playback freely. Compatible devices include mobile phones, tablets, TVs, game consoles, etc.

Q3: Can I watch downloaded videos after cancelling subscription?

Yes. You can watch the downloaded files after cancelling your Netflix and SameMovie subscriptions. Videos downloaded on your device will be kept forever as long as you don't remove them.

Final Words

SameMovie Netflix Video Downloader is the best tool to store your Netflix videos on your external hard drive, and thanks to its user-friendly interface design and straightforward operation, you can easily experience SameMovie download features. Aside from downloading them to an external hard drive, it’s also available to transfer them to any device you want for offline watching. Click the link and start your free trail.

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