How to Download HBO Max Video to USB Drive

Running out of memory can be a massive headache if you want to download dozens of movies or an entire season of a series from the HBO Max to your device. Or, even if some devices have enough memory for you to download various videos, you may not be able to save your favorite videos on those devices because HBO Max only allows users to download videos to certain devices. Devices that support downloading include iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Android phone and tablets, and Amazon Fire tablets.

So it's best to avoid these drawbacks and turn to use a USB drive to save your HBO Max videos. Once you download videos to a USB, the videos will be saved permanently even if you canceled HBO Max subscription. But how can you download HBO Max titles to a USB Drive? Read on, below this guide will help you out.

download hbo max video to usb

No Option to Change the Download Location of HBO Max Videos?

Sure, if you go to the HBO Max help center or just google 'change the HBO Max download location', you will find nothing. There is no option to do that. And according to some faqs, HBO Max content will be stored on your device's internal storage, which is only accessible through the HBO Max app. So it is infeasible to change the output path to USB Drive within its App.

Tool Required: SameMovie HBOMax Video Downloader

To store HBO Max content to your USB drive or other devices, the only way you can use is to find a reliable video downloader or recorder. SameMovie HBOMax Video Downloader is such a tool that can meet your need. This tool can not only download HBO Max videos in MP4 or MKV format but also keep multi-language audio tracks and subtitles.

This user-friendly app comes with a powerful information processing function, which offers several audio tracks and subtitle tracks for your choice. With its help, storing HBO Max videos will be turned into a pretty easy, enjoyable, and fun experience.

hbomax video downloader
Features of SameMovie HBOMax Video Downloader:
  • Keep multilingual subtitles and audio tracks
  • Download HBO Max videos as MP4/MKV format
  • Batch download feature & fast download speed
  • Support using keywords & URLs to add videos
  • Free technical support & software update
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Tutorial: How to Download HBO Max Video to USB Drive

Keep following the specific tutorial below to learn how to use SameMovie HBOMax Video Downloader to download HBO Max to a USB drive.

STEP 1 Download and Launch HBOMax Video Downloader

Run SameMovie on your computer first, and click SIGN IN. A window will pop up to ask you log into Max, please enter your email and password.


STEP 2 Select Output Settings

Click the "Settings" button on the top right corner to set the output settings. You can select the output quality (High/Medium/Low), video format (MP4/MKV), audio language and subtitle language. Then please plug the USB into the computer and select the output path as your USB. Plus, you can click the "Advanced" tab to set the video codec as H.264 or H.265.


STEP 3 Add Movies or TV Series from Max

Enter the video’s name into SameMovie's search box, and all the related videos will be shown automatically.

add video

STEP 4 Select "Advanced Download" Setting

In this step, you can further select the video quality, subtitles and audio track for the video you want to download. If you are trying to download a movie, click the movie to open the according window. If you are trying to download TV shows, please click the show you want to download to select season and title, then click "Advanced Download" in the bottom left corner to choose audio tracks and subtitles.

advanced download

STEP 5 Start to Download HBO Max Video on PC

Just click the "Download" button to start downloading your videos. The videos will be downloaded with a fast speed and you can check the download history in the Library part.


Final Words

Whether you want to download dozens of HBO Max videos on a USB drive or want to transfer your HBO Max downloads to other devices for share & backup, SameMovie HBOMax Video Downloader must be your best choice. What's more, with the aid of it, you can also easily keep all HBO Max movies & TV shows playable even after canceling the subscription.


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