How to Stream HBO Max on Multiple Devices

Max, also known as HBO Max, offers a vast library of popular dramas and films, including House of the Dragon and The White Lotus. However, some potential subscribers may find the plan options expensive and wonder if HBO Max allows simultaneous streams.

There are three plan options available for Max: With Ads, Ad-Free, and Ultimate Ad-Free. The number of devices that can stream HBO Max at once depends on the plan. With the Ultimate Ad-Free plan, you can stream on up to four devices simultaneously. The Ad-Free plan and With Ads plan allow streaming on two screens only.

However, this may not be enough for subscribers who wish to share their accounts with family and friends. Is there any way to bypass this limit and watch HBO Max on more than four devices?

Fortunately, we have a guide to help you do so.

stream hbomax on multiple devices

1. Get "Streaming on too many devices" Message on HBO Max?

When you receive the message "Streaming on too many devices" on HBO Max, it means that you have exceeded the maximum number of devices allowed to stream content simultaneously based on your subscription plan.

To fix this issue and continue streaming on HBO Max, you can try the following steps:

1. Check the number of devices currently streaming: Make sure to identify which devices are actively streaming HBO Max. If you have reached the device limit, you may need to stop streaming on one or more devices before you can start streaming on the desired device.

2. Sign out from unused devices: If you have accessed HBO Max on multiple devices but are not actively using all of them, sign out from those unused devices. This will free up slots for other devices to stream content.

How to Manage Devices on HBO Max:
  • Open the HBO Max website and sign in to your account.
  • Click on your profile icon located at the top of the screen and choose "Manage Devices".
  • Then you will view the list of devices associated with your HBO Max account. To remove one, click "Sign Out."

3. Upgrade your subscription: If you frequently encounter the "Streaming on too many devices" message and require more simultaneous streams, consider upgrading your HBO Max subscription to a plan that allows for a higher number of devices to stream content at once.

4. Download HBO Max to MP4 format and save them on your devices: Common MP4 video files can be stored permanently unless you delete them manually.

2. How to Watch HBO Max on More Than 4 Devices?

To download HBO Max to MP4, you need SameMovie HBOMax Video Downloader. By using it, you can download unlimited videos for offline playback. Downloaded videos will be saved as MP4/MKV files, and it’s available to download in HD quality. Additionally, an advanced download core is helpful for accelerating the download process, thus making it a time-saving tool.

hbomax video downloader
Features of SameMovie HBOMax Video Downloader:
  • Keep multilingual subtitles and audio tracks
  • Download HBO Max videos as MP4/MKV format
  • Batch download feature & fast download speed
  • Support using keywords & URLs to add videos
  • Free technical support & software update
Free Trial Free Trial

Tutorial: How to Stream Max Video on Multiple Devices

To watch Max content on multiple devices, you can download them on the computer with SameMovie first, then move them to any device you want to watch them on. Go through the following tutorial to know how to download Max videos on your device.

STEP 1 Download and Launch HBOMax Video Downloader

Before getting started, please download SameMovie on your Windows or Mac computer. Open the program, click SIGN IN, and you can log into Max by entering your email and password.


STEP 2 Select Output Settings

The output settings can be changed by clicking the "Settings" button in the top right corner. The video format (MP4/MKV), audio language, and subtitle language can all be chosen, along with the output quality. If you want to save high-quality videos, you can choose “High” when selecting the output quality.


STEP 3 Add Movies or TV Series from Max

To add a movie or TV show from Max, you can input the name of the videos. SameMovie will list all related results soon.

add video

STEP 4 Select "Advanced Download" Setting

You can further customize the output settings for certain videos in this step. If you want to download a movie, click the movie itself to go to Advanced Download window. If you want to download a TV show, just click on the TV show, and select season and episode. Hitting the "Advanced Download" in the bottom left corner to choose the subtitles and audio tracks.

advanced download

STEP 5 Start to Download Max Video

Simply press the “Download” button to start downloading your videos. Download will start immediately. Once the download process is completed, you are free to watch them on any of your devices and share them with friends or family.


Final Words

By using SameMovie HBOMax Video Downloader, you can download unlimited HBO Max content without being restricted. To watch downloaded videos on different screens, you are free to transfer them to devices that support playing MP4, whether it is phone or computer. Furthermore, these downloaded files will be preserved locally forever, which means they won’t be removed by HBO Max even if your subscription ends.


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