How to Convert Netflix Videos to MKV without Losing Quality

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Claire Green  December 26, 2023 Category: Netflix Tips
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Although Netflix allows its users to download and save videos locally on some supported devices, like iPhones and Android device, there is no way for users to download Netflix videos in the format they really want. For the users who want to download Netflix to MKV formats and keep HD quality of videos, a dedicated Netflix Video Downloader is a great option.

convert netflix videos to mkv

1. Why Do You Need to Save Netflix Movies to MKV?

MKV is a Matroska multimedia container format that is capable of encapsulating video, multiple audio tracks, and subtitles into a single file. Because MKV is open-source and supports different types of video, audio, and subtitles encoding, including descriptions, ratings, cover art, and even chapter points, it serves as the best encapsulation format of high-definition movies and TV shows, especially the Blu-ray video, and foreign language videos.

2. How to Download and Convert Netflix Movies to MKV?

SameMovie Netflix Video downloader is such a professional video downloader for Netflix users. Compared with the video screen recording software, SameMovie Netflix Video Downloader supports directly downloading movies and TV shows from Netflix to MKV or MP4 format in HD quality (1080p and 720p) without needing the recording process. After downloading, subtitle (internal, external, or hardcode) languages and audio tracks will be preserved, and the output video and video are in perfect sync, without the black screen.

Now let's learn how to download and convert Netflix videos to MKV with SameMovie in the following part.

netflix video downloader
SameMovie Netflix Video Downloader:
  • Download Netflix movies, TV shows documentaries, and more
  • Download Netflix videos with HD (1080p and 720p) quality kept
  • Support downloading subtitles and audio tracks
  • Support fast multi-stream and multi-video downloading
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STEP 1 Launch Netflix Video Downloader

Click the "Download" button above to obtain the installation package on your computer. Once the installation process is complete, launch Netflix Video Downloader and sign in with your Netflix account.

Note: SameMovie will not record any information from your account.

STEP 2 Adjust the Download, Account, and Advanced Settings

Adjust the "Download Settings" and "Advanced Settings" based on your preferences. To get started, click on the "Setting" icon located in the top-right corner of the application.

Within the "Download Settings" option, customize the Video Format to MKV, Video Quality to High, Medium, or Low, Audio Type to Original or AD audio track. Additionally, choose the audio tracks and subtitle language, and opt to save subtitles as Internal, External, or Hardcode subtitles.

On the "Advanced" option, you can allow "Enable hardware acceleration when available" to enhance the download ability by using the graphics card. Plus, H.264 and H.265 video codec are available for you to choose.

choose mkv as the output format

STEP 3 Search Netflix Videos

Navigate through the built-in browser to locate the video you wish to download. Alternatively, you can search for Netflix movies and TV shows by entering their names or titles in the search box.

add video

STEP 4 Choose Advanced Download Settings

Click on the video you want to download, and the video details page will pop up, and the "Download" icon will change from gray to blue.

For Netflix TV shows, you can click the Download" icondownload button first to open a window where you can choose the season and episode to download. Then, click the "Advanced Download" button to choose the download quality (1080p, 720p, and 480p), audios, and subtitles languages.

For Netflix movies, click the "Download" icon to select the download quality, audio tracks, and subtitles.

advanced settings

STEP 5 Start Downloading Netflix Movies to MKV

Once done, tap on the "Download" button to start downloading and converting the Netflix videos to MKV format.

start downloading netflix videos

3. Is There Any Converter to Convert Netflix Downloads to MKV Format?

No. Most video converters available on the market are limited to converting common video files in formats such as MP4, AVI, and 3GP. However, Netflix downloads are encrypted and can only be played within the Netflix app. This means that you cannot simply import them into video converters or convert them to other formats like MKV or MP4.

To overcome this limitation and get Netflix movies in MKV format, you have two options. The first option is to use a dedicated Netflix Video Downloader. These specialized tools are designed to bypass the encryption and allow you to download Netflix videos in a format of your choice. One such reliable tool is SameMovie, which serves as a great Netflix Video Downloader.

Alternatively, you can explore the possibility of using screen recorders. By using screen recording software, you can capture the playback of Netflix movies on your PC and save them as video files. Here are: 5 Ways to Record Netflix on PC in High Quality


Converting Netflix videos to MKV format without losing quality can be an easy task with the help of SameMovie. After that, you are free to play them on your devices and share them with your family or friends. You can download this smart tool and follow the tutorial for a try.

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